Carpet Styles

The style of carpet can transform the look of your home. 

Whether you like the traditional look of a twist carpet or the luxurious look of a plush carpet, Style Flooring & Interiors has your dream carpet look covered.



A staple choice to keep the look neutral and clean. A twist carpet can add a soft, comfortable finish to any interior space and perfect for all rooms of the home. The perfect style to build your interior foundations from.


A resilient, durable carpet for high traffic areas.  Strong and resistance, loop carpets have an even height,  providing a linear style. Loop carpets are easy to care for as they don’t show footprints and hide soil and dirt well. Chunky loop carpets are on trend currently and work well in most home interiors.


Textured carpets have a structured look, achieving it with loops and cuts at different heights. These carpets can provide both lineal and undulates looks creating an eye-catching statement to the home interior.


A plush carpet features dense and slightly twisted yarns that stand upright to form an even surface. This luxurious carpet style provides a feeling of smooth and velour finish given the level height of the carpet strands.